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Conservatory Price Quote was started in early 2008 by Clair Taylor. She was looking for a new conservatory on the internet and realized that there was a gap in the market for conservatory quotes web site just like the large home insurance or holiday flights market web sites.

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Armed with a business plan and the drive that working At both Sky TV and Rolls Royce for the previous 8 years had given her, since graduating from the London Business School in 1999. Clair set about contacting web designers with her idea. Clair Commented “I initially contacted several web designers and paid them to come up with a few ideas about how the site would look. Eventually I found a designer who I was happy to work with and who was happy to put up with my tight deadlines”. The next job was to contact hundreds of conservatory suppliers throughout the U.K. to build a database of prices, styles and designs. All needed to be put in to a database by a computer programmer and took many months of work, so that customers could receive an instant price for their conservatory when filling in the enquiry form. The web site eventually went live in May 2008.

Since then conservatory price quote has grown from providing 1000 quotes in 2008 to providing 10,000 last year in 2015. The workforce has also grown from just Clair to now having 8 full time employees across 3 offices around the U.K. Clair commented “It's been hard work, I'm glad started out this adventure and Chris my husband has been very understanding with all the hours I had to put in during the first few years. We have grown every year since we started and hopefully saved customers thousands of pounds in the process with our conservatory quote database”.


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